We don't always have every beer on tap that is listed below. We have a ten tap system, with nitro on one tap, Homemade Lemonade and Kombucha (non-alcohol) on tap as well. We strive to keep the list current, but due to customer demand we can (and do) run out of a specific beer. We do have four, five and six flights available at all times and our customers are encouraged to sample any beer that we have on tap.

OT = On Tap


Columbia Furnace Pale Ale OT

Pale ale forged with Amarillo and Simcoe hops


Dirty Blonde  OT   

Light in color but not in flavor, our signature beer goes down almost too easy.


A traditional dark Bavarian-style wheat beer perfect for Oktoberfest.  Prost!

India Pale Ale

Brewed with Centennial hops to honor our Century Farm heritage, this IPA is bright with notes of lemon candy.

Oatmeal Porter 

Toasty and velvety.  Porter: it’s what’s for breakfast!


Red Clay Ale  OT

As red as our soil and as refreshing as the rain that waters it, our Irish red ale is dry and smooth with roasted notes.


Roast Master’s Coffee Stout   

A robust coffee stout made with coffee from Cabin Creek Roasters. This stout tastes like a big cozy cup of joe.


Rye IPA    

A nice balance of brilliantly hoppy beer with a crisp, spicy rye finish.


Black IPA    

Our first official beer released on Black Friday November 2014.  Very dark in color but light in flavor with balanced hoppy finish.



Our Dirty Blonde’s light sister.  Crisp light taste and lower in alcohol.


English Bitter

Extra Special Bitter, ESB

Our take on the age old English ale.  Clean finish with malts and hops from the United Kingdom.


Ginger Beer

Not soda, this beer has the peppery, invigorating flavor of ginger from start to finish.



Traditional hazy wheat beer which is light in flavor with bready, biscuit notes.


Jalapeno Cream Ale 

Has become a crowd favorite.  Smooth cream ale with the distinct flavor of jalapenos, but, with a mild heat that is noticed mostly at the finish.  It just doesn’t seem like there are 

ELEVEN pounds of Jalapeno peppers in each batch! But the flavor says, "Yes, it is!"


Saison OT

A Belgium oriented farmhouse ale. Originally brewed on farms in Belgium (before refrigeration), Saisons can be light, dark, hoppy or not. Ours is delightfully ......


Vanilla Habanero Porter

 A smooth Porter with vanilla overtones and a warm tingle as you finish from the Habanero peppers added at the end of fermentation.


Zwickel Lager   

Pharm Blue Ribbon

Hazy IPA

Pale Ale 

Milk Stout


Hard Seltzer OT

(to pronounce and be brilliant!)

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