Welcome to Swover Creek Farms.  We are a small family farm growing lots of different kinds of berries.  We also have a kitchen where we make wonderful handcrafted homemade food including Farm Crafted Sausages. We sell products from the farm and at farmers markets.  In 2013, we planted test varieties of hops to see what varieties we can grow in production. In 2014 we expanded the hop yard with 450 bines. In November 2015 our brewery and taproom moved into our renovated barn.

Our horses grazing in the lush pasture.
Barn Renovation

We are retro-fitting our 1970's barn to house the our brewery and taproom.  We taproom is currently open in our farm retail area. COMPLETE!
Swover Creek Farms is home to the Eggcentric  Egg and Chicken Ranch.